Keys are needed to open Pirate Chests on the second part of the island and are a quest in upgrading the Bridge. You can obtain keys by buying them from tourists on the second part of the island. Tourists visit that part of the island only when you have at least one building on it. Once you have been offered a key you will have to wait at least 160 minutes (2:40:00) before you will be offered another Key.  This allows 9 possible collections every 24 hours.  Below you can see what your odds are of obtaining the keys.

Tourist bubblesRelative appearancePay themReceive
Badge happy Badge medicalBoth 29.5%20 Shell10 Xp big, with 66% probability, or
1 Key1 largeIron Key, with 34% probability
Badge sad Badge questionmarkBoth 11.5%10 Pearl1 Key1 largeIron Key, with 66% probability, or
1 Key2 largeSilver Key, with 34% probability
Badge exclamationmark Badge sadBoth 9%5 Golden ring1 Key2 largeSilver Key, with 66% probability, or
1 Key3 largeGolden Key, with 34% probability
Dropped itemTotal probability
10 Xp big 39%
Key1 largeIron Key 35%
Key2 largeSilver Key 20%
Key3 largeGolden Key 6%

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