The Golden Ball event is an event that started on June 13, 2014 and lasts for 7 days. It involves collecting Football's.

Collecting Football's

There are various ways of collecting footballs:

Description Cost Football's collected
Tourist Click on a standard tourist with a football balloon 1 zap 14
Special guest Repeatedly click on a special gust tourist 3 zaps per click 450
Gift shop Collect income from a gift shop 1100 $ 5
Estate Update an Estate 60 € to buy, then upgrade costs 1500
Alexandrian Lighthouse Upgrade an Alexandrian Lighthouse 85 € to buy, then upgrade costs 2125
Oak Destroy an oak tree 1 € to build 126

Spending Football's

There are four chests that can be purchased during the event:

Name Cost(Football) Rewards
Golden Ball Scholar's Chest
Scholar's Chest 10,000    2 small emeralds, 3 medium profit scrolls, 2 medium time scrolls, 3 rent scrolls, 10 pearls
Golden Ball Specialist's Chest
Specialist's Chest 20,000 2 small rubies, 2 medium economy scrolls, 1 large profit scroll, 4 medium time scrolls, 20 pearls.
Golden Ball Expert's Chest
Expert's Chest 40,000 1 Great Goalscorer monument, 1 crystal glue, 1 ruby, 2 free repair scrolls,5 silver keys, 10 golden rings and 1 aquamarine.
Golden Ball Master's Chest
Master's Chest 60,000 1 Overtime Stadium, 1 black agate, 1 battery (120 zaps), 1 crystal glue, 1 saphire, 1 amethyst, 5 golden keys, 20 golden rings.

Related awards

Name How to get it XP $
Bombardier Build the Great Goalscorer monument 1000 20,000 1
Easter Egg Connoisseur Build the Overtime Stadium 5,000 100,000 5

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