The 'Zombie Apocalypse' event is an event that started on August 23, 2013, and lasts for 7 days. During this event you have to collect from, build or upgrade certain structures to earn points, which you can in turn exchange for other rewards.

Description Ingame PI-Blog:

Earning Points

You can earn points (Pursuit zombie) in the following ways:

Tap on a zombie Zombie for 1 energy zap each => 7 Pursuit zombie with 96% drop rate

Kill a zombie boss Zombie boss => 200 Pursuit zombie with 100% drop rate

A zombie boss will appear once per hour (with a 50% chance). He will need between 7 and 12 hits for 3 energy zaps each.

This boss will disappear by his own, means you only have a couple of seconds to kill him. Can well be you don't have enough energy zaps at this time and that you don't want to spend 6 € to regenerate the energy. There is one solution: start to kill him making use of all the energy zaps you have and then open a menu from one of the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Don't visit friends, don't switch to the second part of your island, don't exit the game otherwise you would lose the zombie boss you started to kill and would not find him when back to your island.

Wait the necessary time to get energy zaps again, and when you think it is enough, just go back to your island by closing the menu. Back to your island, the boss is still there for you to kill immediately.

Collect income from a Sunny center => 6 Pursuit zombie with 96% drop rate

Upgrade an Estate => 600 Pursuit zombie with 100% drop rate

Build a Firework store => 757 Pursuit zombie with 100% drop rate

Build a Statue of Tutankhamun => 260 Pursuit zombie with 100% drop rate

Demolish an Oak => 53 Pursuit zombie with 100% drop rate

Buying Points: 3€ => 156 Pursuit zombie


Scholar's Chest - 6,000 Pursuit zombie

Specialist's Chest - 15,000 Pursuit zombie

Expert's Chest - 20,000 Pursuit zombie

Master's Chest - 25,000 Pursuit zombie


Zombie defender
Zombie hotel
Zombie disco
Zombie restaurant
Fierce Defender The Carrion Inn Disco Cemetery Brainzzz restaurant

Event Analysis

It is assumed you do not wish to spend € on this event. If you do, it will become much easier to collect enough Pursuit zombie for the rewards.

Whether you only kill normal zombies or save up to kill zombie bosses, both will average out to around 140 Pursuit zombie per hour. As the event lasts for 168 hours, this can net you 23,520 Pursuit zombie.

Collecting income from Sunny centers can be done every 1.4 hours. With a maximum of 15 Sunny centers this will amount to 10,368 Pursuit zombie during the event.

Related special awards

Name How to get it $ XP
Icon84 zombie13 salvation Salvation Build a Fierce Defender 25,000 750 1
Zombie Cowboy Defeat 5 Zombie Bosses 10,000
Zombie Exterminator Defeat 25 Zombie Bosses 25,000
Zombie Interceptor Defeat 30 Zombie Bosses 50,000 700
Zombies Shall Not Pass Defeat 50 Zombie Bosses 1,500 2
Taste of Victory Build the Brainzzz restaurant 100,000 5,000 5

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