The 'Thanksgiving 2013' event is an event that started on November 28, 2013, and lasts for 7 days. During the event you can can build some unique buildings.

Description Ingame PI-Blog: Dear friends, tomorrow is a big holiday, so start preparing for it now! Gather traditional holiday delicacies, construct themed buildings, and give gifts, and all these actions will earn you new achievements! Happy Thanksgiving!

Building order

1: Festive Diner
Collect 150 Apple large, 95 Berry large and 50 Corn large to build it.

2: Turkey Restaurant
Collect 200 Apple large, 115 Berry large and 75 Corn large to build it.

3: Holiday Hotel
Collect 130 Berry large, 90 Corn large and 50 Pie large to build it.

4: Thanksgiving Day Parade
Collect 160 Berry large, 105 Corn large and 65 Pie large to build it.

Once these four buildings have finished construction the final Thanksgiving building is unlocked.

5: Thanksgiving Square
Collect 250 Apple large, 190 Berry large, 120 Corn large and 80 Pie large to build it.

Zapping information

480 reloaded zaps per day -> 3,360 + 25 zaps during the event. 

Apples: ~50% droprate ->  ~1692 (600 needed)

Cranberrys:  ~25% droprate ->  ~846 (690 needed)

Corn:  ~15% droprate ->  ~507 (440 needed)

Pie:  ~ 10% droprate ->  ~338 (195 needed)

You need 600 Apples, 690 Cranberrys, 440 Corn and 195 Pies. So it should be possible to finish this event in time. To get the "Quickly to the Table!"-Award you need to be very lucky. On average you just have 434 Corn and 725 Cranberrys after 6 days. (If the droprates are correct.)

Tip: You can get some additional resources without zaps when you visit friends. (every 12 hours) That might help you to reach your target. 


Tg building square 13
Festive Diner Turkey Restaurant Holiday Hotel Thanksgiving Day Parade Thanksgiving Square


Present turkey
Juicy Turkey


Apple large
Berry large
Corn large
Pie large
Apple Cranberry Corn Pie

Drop rates

Badge turkey
1 Apple large with ~50% probability, or
1 Berry large with ~25% probability, or
1 Corn large with ~15% probability, or
1 Pie large with ~10% probability

Related Awards

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