Event christmas building

In order to complete the Santa's Little Secret event, the Santa's Secret Haven must be built and upgraded to level 5. The event started December 15, 2013, and lasts for 240 hours.

BUG NOTE: Taking a Mr. Snowman gift from the gifts menu might crash the game, which will cause you to lose your Mr. Snowman gift! Update 2.5.5 fixes this bug.

Building order

1. Build a Magic Sleigh for free.

2. Build the foundation of Santa's Secret Haven for free.

3. Complete the construction of Santa's Secret Haven for 50 Xmas paper angel large.

Note: Make sure you click on the "Take Reward" button in the Snowman special offer to collect all the prizes for completing the quest. The program does not automatically give them to you when you finish the last step. You can still continue working on upgrading the haven after you have taken the reward.

4. Upgrade Santa's Secret Haven to Level 5 for 38 Xmas paper angel large, 160 Shell large, 35 Pearl large and 15 Golden ring large. This last step is only required to receive the additonal award of Christmas Standard. The reward can be taken once building Santa's Secret Haven is complete.

Note: After the event, you can't buy Santa's little secret resources, so that means you can't buy snowflakes, paper angels and letters. If you would like complete this event, you must do this during the 10 days of the event.

Zapping information

During the Santa's Little Secret event you will see Badge xmas letter above some tourists' heads. Tap those bubbles to receive Xmas letter large. It will take 1 energy from your energy bar, but it gives you on average 1.4 Xmas letter large in return.

Every 8 hours you will find a Present in your Magic Sleigh, according to how many Xmas letter large you have collected during those 8 hours. Collect the Presents to get valuable resources for the construction of Santa's Secret Haven. 8 Hours is equivalent to 160 zaps. With these 160 zaps you will on average get 224 Xmas letter large. This is enough to get the Huge Present with the three Xmas paper angel large. Upon construction of the Christmas Tree 2013 it will give you a one-time-only 250 Xmas letter large. This way you can get an Epic Present with the five Xmas paper angel large once during the event. Unfortunately, the last 8 hour period can be partially cut off by the event ending after 10 days, which could cause you to miss out on some Xmas letter large for the Huge Present, getting you a Big Present with only one Xmas paper angel large instead.

So, for the thirty 8 hour periods during the event you should be able to gather 90 Xmas paper angel large. This is enough to complete the construction of the Santa's Secret Haven and to upgrade it to Level 5. However, as most people need sleep and probably work, 2 of these 8 hour periods will result in only 1 paper angel. As that is only 5 per day you will only just complete the first stage in the 10 days. To progress further you will need to spend piastres.


Xmas sleigh
Xmas tree 3 13
Christmas building2
Magic Sleigh Christmas Tree 2013 Santa's Secret Haven


Xmas present mountain gifts
Xmas present mrsnowman
Present Mountain Mr. Snowman


Xmas letter large
Xmas paper angel large
Xmas snowflake large
Letter Paper Angel Snowflake


PresentNameRequired lettersContents
Gift1 Big Present Between 1 and 199 1 Scroll dasher large Dasher the Reindeer's Scroll
1 Scroll prancer large Prancer the Reindeer's Scroll
5 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes
1 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angel.
Gift2 Huge Present Between 200 and 449 3  Medium Profit Scroll
1 Scroll cupid large Cupid the Reindeer's Scroll
1 Scroll rudolph large Rudolph the Reindeer's Scroll
10 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes
3 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angels.
Gift3 Epic Present 450 1 Scroll blitzen large Blitzen the Reindeer's Scroll
1 Scroll comet large Comet the Reindeer's Scroll
1 Large Profit Scroll
1 Scroll green Large Economy Scroll
20 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes
5 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angels.

Drop rates

Bubble Drops
Badge xmas letter
1 Xmas letter large, with a 60% probability, or
2 Xmas letter large, with a 40% probability

Event chests (Everything for Christmas)

These chests appeared as a limited-time special offer during the course of the event.

Specialist's chest (Cost: €125):

  • 5 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angels
  • 10 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes

Expert's chest (Cost: €230):

  • 10 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angels
  • 15 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes

Artisan's chest (Cost: €330):

  • 15 Xmas paper angel large Paper Angels
  • 20 Xmas snowflake large Snowflakes

Related Awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
1 Christmas Standard Upgrade "Santa's Secret Haven" to Level 5 100,000 5,000 10
2 Present for Santa Build "Santa's Secret Haven" 2,500 5
3 Festive Spirit Build a Christmas Tree 2012 500
4 Santa's Friend Receive 3 presents from Santa 3,000
5 Santa's Buddy Receive 9 presents from Santa 10,000
6 Santa's Favorite Receive 15 presents from Santa 25,000
7 Santa's Role Model Receive 25 presents from Santa 70,000
8 Santa's Courier Collect 500 letters 1,000
9 Santa's Agent Collect 1,000 letters 30,000
10 Santa's Emissary Collect 2,000 letters 60,000
11 Christmas Herald Collect 4,000 letters 100,000
12 Gift receiver Receive 100 Christmas resources 10,000
13 Gift warehouse keeper Receive 250 Christmas resources 25,000
14 Santa's bag keeper Receive 500 Christmas resources 50,000
15 Ho-ho-ho! Receive 700 Christmas resources 75,000
16 Receive 1,500 Christmas resources 1,000 2
17 Just Like Santa Send 25 Christmas presents to friends 50,000 500
18 Christmas Favorite Receive 10 Christmas presents from friends 90,000 2,500

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