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The Summer Sport Games event works like some other events in the past. In order to complete the event, Phases must be accomplished in order. There are a total of 4 phases. Each phase needs unique resources to be completed.


Phase 1: Build Sport Torch.
Collect 70 Laurel Wreath and 80 Chocolate Medals to build the Sport Torch and to move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Build Sport Springboard.
Collect 95 Laurel Wreath and 65 Bronze Medals to build the Sport Springboard and to move on to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Build Sport Pool.
Collect 130 Laurel Wreath and 60 Silver Medals to build the Sport Pool and to move on to Phase 4.

Phase 4: Build Sport Stadium.
Collect 145 Laurel Wreath and 35 Gold Medals to build the Sport Stadium and to be able to complete the event.

Complete the event: Build Sport Pedestal.
Collect 120 Bronze Medals, 90 Silver Medals and 60 Gold Medals to build the Sport Pedestal and to complete the event.

There seems to be a glitch, after completing Phase 1 no more Chocolate Medals will be available, so it becomes very expensive to build three Sport Torches. After completing Phase 4 no more Laurel Wreath will be available, so building three Springboards, Pools or Stadiums becomes very expensive.

Limited Edition buildings

Olympic fire
Olympic tramplin
Olympic pool
Olympic legkoathlet
Olympic statue
Sport Torch Sport Springboard Sport Pool Sport Stadium Sport Pedestal


Laurel wreath large
Chocolate medal large
Bronze medal large
Silver medal large
Gold medal large
Laurel Wreath Chocolate Medal Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal

Related Awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
Icon84 olympic resources collected4 Junior Collect 100 medals 20,000
Sports Master Candidate Collect 200 medals 50,000
Sports Master Collect 350 medals 100,000
Supreme Athlete Collect 500 medals 200,000
Icon84 olympiad participation Participation is Key Collect 400 Laurel Wreaths 150,000
Icon84 world record World Record Complete the Summer sport games special event in 70 hours 50,000 2,500 5
Icon84 olympic champion Summer games Champion Complete the Summer sport games special event 100,000 5,000 10

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