On April 19, 2013, our beloved game turns 2 for Android users and of course this cannot go without a completely new event to celebrate!

Building order

  1. Build a Magical Basket for free.
  2. Click on the islanders with Badge birthday hat over their head. This will give you balloons Balloon large.
  3. Every 2 hours the Magical Basket will have produced a Gift (see below).
  4. Once you have collected 5 Cards Post card large you'll be able to build the Birthday Cake 2. It gives you 100 Balloon large and €1 as a gift. 

Zapping information

During this event you will see Badge birthday hat above some tourists' heads. Tap those bubbles to receive Balloon large. It will take 1 energy from your energy bar, and it gives you 2, 3, 5 or 6 Balloon large in return. The return rate seems to average to ~3.5 Balloon large per energy zap.

To collect enough resources to build all event buildings you need to get at least 63 Ideal Gifts and 1 Huge Gift. That is 64 Gifts which, with two hours per Gift, is 128 hours (or 5 days and 8 hours) and should be doable within the 7 days the event lasts. For these 64 Gifts you need 63*110 + 1*50 = 6,980 Balloon large, of which you get 100 for free when building the Birthday Cake 2. With 1 energy zap per 3.5 Balloon large and 3 minutes recharge time per energy zap, you could collect the required amount of Balloon large in just over 98 hours. This mean the event seems fairly doable without spending anything other than time on it.

To realize this event, on average, you will be active more than 18 hours per day during the 7 days. ( 64 Gifts on 7 days, and 2 hours to get a gift, 64 / 7 * 2 = 18,3 hours by day).  So, I would recommend careful time cheating, if you want to be able to sleep.  I am able to collect nearly 83 gifts using the time cheat techniques described several times on this site, for those of you paying attention.  This is more than needed to build all the buildings and complete the event without spending a dime.


Birthday basket
Birthday yummy cafe
Birthday toy museum
Birthday tigertrampoline
Birthday cake2
Magical Basket Cafe 'Delicious' Toy Museum Holiday Trampoline Birthday Cake 2


ressources needed
for buildings
Birthday yummy cafe
Birthday toy museum
Birthday tigertrampoline
Cafe 'Delicious' Toy Museum Holiday
Post card large 1135 285 375 475
Birthday confetti large 755 150 250 355
Birthday hat large 505 75 130 300
Birthday horn large 190 190

Balloon large
Birthday confetti large
Birthday hat large
Birthday horn large
Post card large
Balloon Confetti Hat Horn Post card


GiftNameRequired balloonsContents
Birthday gift1 Big Gift Between 1 and 49 1 Birthday hat large Funny Hat
3 Birthday confetti large Confetti
5 Post card large Cards
1 Scroll cyan Small time scroll
Birthday gift2 Huge Gift Between 50 and 109 1 Birthday horn large Pipe
3 Birthday hat large Funny Hats
7 Birthday confetti large Confetti
11 Post card large Cards
2 Scroll cyan Small time scrolls
1 Scroll blue Medium profit scroll
Birthday gift3 Ideal Gift 110 3 Birthday horn large Pipes
8 Birthday hat large Funny Hats
12 Birthday confetti large Confetti
18 Post card large Cards
2 Scroll cyan Medium time scrolls
2 Scroll blue Medium profit scroll
1 Scroll green Small economy scroll

Related special awards

Name How to get it $ XP
Birthday man Cheerful Send Birthday congratulations 300 times 20,000
Celebratory Send Birthday congratulations 1000 times 50,000
Joyful Send Birthday congratulations 2000 times 100,000
Crazy with happiness Send Birthday congratulations 3000 times 200,000
Birthday cake completed Most important guest at the party Place a special cake for the Happy Birthday game 10,000 500
Birthday trampoline completed Let's enjoy it to the full Complete the Birthday special 100,000 5,000 10

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