The 'Dinosaur Island' event started on April 10, 2013, and lasted for 10 days. It is unlike other events where you collect points or resources. Now you have to get hold of Dinosaur Eggs Dinosaur egg large. You get these when making a purchase in the bank. The bigger your purchase the more Dinosaur Eggs you get. You need these Eggs to open chests that contain buildings and some resources.

The event was repeated on July 29, 2013, again for 10 days. It featured the same chests and buildings.

Chest contents

Diplodocus Chest (4Dinosaur egg large)
Merry Diplodocus Ride
Large time scroll (1x)
Shell large (10x)
Velociraptor Chest (15Dinosaur egg large)
Velociraptor Race Track
Large profit scroll (1x)
Pearl large (5x)
T-Rex Chest (40Dinosaur egg large)
T-Rex Arena
Free destroy scroll (1x)
Golden ring large (5x)
Plesiosaurus Chest (90Dinosaur egg large)
Jurassic Cafe
Large profit scroll (2x)
Large time scroll (1x)
Pterodactyl Chest (180Dinosaur egg large)
Pterodactyl Amusement Ride
Free upgrade scroll (1x)
Large time scroll (2x)
Jurassic Chest (320Dinosaur egg large)
Central Dino Park
Large economy scroll (1x)
Large time scroll (3x)

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