Building order

1: Snow House
Collect 100 Snowball large, 90 Candycane large and 80 Ball large to build it.

2: Snow Fort
Collect 125 Snowball large, 110 Candycane large and 100 Ball large to build it.

3: Snowboard Park
Collect 120 Candycane large, 110 Ball large and 80 Bells large to build it.

4: Ice Statue
Collect 130 Candycane large, 120 Ball large and 90 Bells large to build it.

Once these four buildings have finished construction the final Christmas building is unlocked.

5: Ice Castle
Collect 150 Snowball large, 140 Candycane large, 130 Ball large and 100 Bells large to build it.


Xmas iglu
Xmas castle 1
Xmas ramp
Xmas bunny
Xmas castle 2
Snow House Snow Fort Snowboard Park Ice Statue Ice Castle


Xmas tree 3
Christmas Tree Dressed Xmas Tree Santa Claus


Snowball large
Candycane large
Ball large
Bells large
Snowball Candy Xmas ball Bells

Related Awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
1 Santa's buddy Meet 50 snowmen 5,000
2 Santa's assistant Meet 100 snowmen 10,000
3 Santa's mate Meet 250 snowmen 25,000
4 Right hand of Santa Meet 500 snowmen 50,000
5 Gift receiver Receive 100 Christmas resources 10,000
6 Gift warehouse keeper Receive 250 Christmas resources 25,000
7 Santa's bag keeper Receive 500 Christmas resources 50,000
8 Ho-ho-ho! Receive 700 Christmas resources 75,000
9 Christmas celebrator Complete Christmas event 100,000 5,000 10

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